The Raid: Redemption : Movie Review 
Saturday, August 20, 2016, 11:43 AM
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Groundhog Day (1993) Review 
Saturday, August 20, 2016, 11:42 AM
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Groundhog Day was a significant movie of its time. It has been described as a culturally, historically and aesthetically important piece of production. The story is based upon the legend of the Groundhog Day. But the legend has nothing much to play in the main plot. The main story evolves around the arrogant young weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) who travels with his producer and cameraman to Pennsylvania to cover the news even of the Ground Hog Day. But later Phil finds himself in a time loop and the same day keeps appearing to him every day. No matter what he does, at 6:00 AM he will see himself waking up at the same exact spot. From here the main plot starts.

Now this time loop can be confusing at first. Then it might appear fun for a while. But ultimately it will become so tedious. That is shown as the story proceeds. Phil started to experience the same day again and again. Of course he was able to experience it as he wanted. But still the day will end and it will restart. That means whatever he will have in that day will only last for that day only. Once the day is over, everything will reset.

Phil started to act like most of us. That is the most lovable part of the movie. He was not acting like a super hero or some saint. He started doing what most probably any one of us would be doing. He started courting his producer Rita whom he found really enchanting and attractive in every aspect. She was not an easy girl to be with. So Phil started to make his best appearance before her. As he lived the same day everyday, so he started collecting the information about Rita, what she likes, her favorite drink, what she wants to hear and everything. His sole intention was to win her heart by any means. But some how all his efforts came out as a total failure.

Soon boredom came and Phil lost the meaning to go on. He started to live recklessly. Even he committed suicide many times. But no matter what, the situation remains the same. When he found nothing for himself, he started to think and decided to make the best out of whatever he has and in an honest way. He started to confide his mystery to Rita. It was hard for her to believe such a story but eventually she does. This sharing of the truth and honest conversations with Rita brought a sense of comfort and relief in Phil's restless mind.

Now he started to think about using his abilities in a good way so that he can help others and bring happiness in others. In the way he studied Rita, he started to study all others too and started to help them in every possible way. He also started to learn playing piano and creating ice sculptures which he never knew. He started to observe each and every people around him. He collected every information about them. In this way, he was able to save people from many accidents and unwanted events. Gradually Phil started to realize that the meaning of living comes true only when happiness is created among others.

In his new course of living Phil also enjoyed a fresh and lively relation with Rita, which leads to their mutual love for each other. At this time one morning Phil woke up and found that finally he has been able to get out from the time loop.

This movie teaches us about our attitude towards life from different angles. It shows us no matter what opportunity or freedom we have, the meaning of life will depend upon how happiness we are creating for others. Through the development of the character of Phil, we see a man getting his lessons about true meaning of existence. And with him, we keep learning too.

Ron Zeppelin
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Action Movie Reviews 
Saturday, August 20, 2016, 11:38 AM
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